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Akai Professional have been pioneering wind synthesis since 1987 with the introduction of the EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) and the EVI (Electronic Valve Instrument). In the years that have followed, the EWI has been refined to offer probably the most expressive electronic musical instrument in the world.
You may not have seen an EWI in use but it's almost certain you have heard them as they are used by leading session players the world over and have been featured on numerous film and TV soundtracks.
What makes the EWI unique in these digital days where everything is quantised into discrete steps is that the EWI uses good old fashioned control voltages.
What this means in practice is that as you blow harder to open up the filter, increase amplitude or whatever, the control is completely smooth and not 'zippered' with quantised control level steps as on competing wind controllers.
What this means in performance is that every nuance of your expressiveness is captured with exceptional subtlety.
The fingering of the EWI will immediately be familiar to sax players but even if you've never played a woodwind instrument before, you'll enjoy Akai EWI wind synthesizers. The EWI3020 is a wind controller that lets you play naturally and with feeling. The EWI3020m is an analogue synthesizer module featuring a warm and expressive sound. The EWI3030m is a digital synthesizer module providing high-quality, realistic sound from PCM samples. No keyboard instrument can match the flexibility and sheer expressiveness of these unique instruments.

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