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Frontier Design Group’s new TranzPort™ represents a revolutionary way to interact with your Windows® or Mac® digital audio workstation (DAW). Instead of being stuck in front of your computer to compose, record, and produce music/audio, TranzPort gives you the freedom to control DAW functions from anywhere in your studio.

TranzPort is easy to set up and use. Right out of the box, it’s compatible with popular DAW software such as Pro Tools®, Sonar™, Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer® and others. You can arm tracks, use transport controls, set markers, control pans, punch in/out, start loops, and more from TranzPort’s simple and intuitive interface. TranzPort is a bi-directional controller, so it also provides feedback to you on signal levels, timecode position, track names and more, via a backlit LCD display and LED indicators.

Unlike infrared remotes, you don’t need line-of-sight between the TranzPort and your computer. TranzPort uses high frequency radio waves (RF) to send and receive control data, and uses advanced coding and frequency-hopping techniques to operate without causing interference, even in the presence of other wireless devices.

Using TranzPort, you can…

* Adjust monitor mix settings from inside an iso booth, or easily record instruments that are physically incompatible with your workspace (piano, drums, etc.)
* Get creative in an environment away from the computer (living room, lounge, etc.) without having to run back and forth to the workstation
* Control your recording while physically removing yourself from unwanted computer noise and monitor hum
* Add a set of basic DAW controls to a second location in a studio (producer’s desk, separate room, etc.)
* Remotely control your computer from onstage in live performance without messy cable runs
* And much more!

TranzPort is small and lightweight, runs on standard AA batteries, is mountable to a mic stand (using optional adaptor), and even has a footswitch input. As a very affordable alternative to keyboard/mouse DAW control, TranzPort offers control tools that will speed up your workflow.

Compatible with Windows 2000/XP and Mac OS X (10.2.8 and above), and requiring only one USB port for the small receiver, TranzPort is the remote DAW control solution for everyone from personal/project studios to large commercial recording facilities.

TranzPort… it’s a control thing.™

* Wireless DAW control: operate your computer-based digital audio workstation from anywhere in your studio
* Compatible with Mac® and Windows®
* Supports Pro Tools®, Logic®, Cubase®, Digital Performer®, Sonar™ and other DAW software applications
* Two-way interface: get timecode position, track name/number, track volume, pan settings and more via backlit LCD display and LED indicators
* Uses high-frequency RF technology: no wires or line-of-sight required, and no added interference
* Dedicated buttons for often-used functions, including transport controls, marker/locate buttons, track control (level, pan, solo, mute, record arm) and more
* Operates on AA batteries
* Small, lightweight design
* Footswitch input
* Microphone stand mount, custom padded carrying bag, and standard footswitch are available from the on-line store

TranzPort Specifications
* Requirements: Windows 2000, Windows XP or Mac OS X (10.2.8+) operating system; one available USB port for Tranzceiver interface
* Operational Distance: Over 30 feet (10 meters) typical
* Frequency Band: 2.4 GHz
* Buttons/Controls: REW, FWD, STOP, PLAY, RECORD, CHAN LEFT/RIGHT, RECORD-ARM, MUTE, SOLO, UNDO, IN, OUT, PUNCH, LOOP, SHIFT, PREV, ADD, NEXT, Battery, Backlight, Data Wheel (24 pulse/rev)
* Indicators: RECORD-ARM, MUTE, SOLO, ANY-SOLO, PUNCH, LOOP, RECORD, LINK STATUS, backlit multifunction LCD display
* Power: 4 standard AA batteries
* Included Items: TranzPort remote unit, Tranzceiver USB Interface, (4) AA Batteries, CD-ROM
* Size: Apprx. 7" x 5.5" x 2"
* Weight: Apprx. 1 lb.

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