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The Hydra takes care of the arising problem to interface various double sampling (88.2kHz / 96kHz) digital audio equipment. Some manufacturers equip their units with two AES/EBU connectors for a double sampling link, i.e. each connector carries one audio channel at normal frame rate, while other manufacturers prefer the single connector solution at twice the frame rate.
Both methods are standardized in the AES3-1992 Amendement 3-1999 document.
The Hydra allows to interface between those two formats. A switch
selects the conversion direction, i.e.:
A) single connector to double connector
B) double connector to single connector
C) bypass, i.e. one input connector is fed to both output connectors
The Hydra is available in three different versions:
- HYDRA for ordinary format conversion.
- HYDRA-X as the HYDRA, but with a reclocking feature for jitter reduction based on a VCXO PLL. Reclocking works in bypass mode as well.
- HYDRA-C for reclocking (jitter reduction) without any format conversion. Two AES/EBU signals of up to 96kHz can be reclocked simultaneously. The two signals must be in phase, i.e. same sampling frequency, same "preamble start" phase.
Frontpanel elements are: A total of four XLR connectors, a mode switch to select modes A), B) or C), a power on LED, a PLL locked LED and a power connector to connect an external +12V / 400mA wall type power supply.

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