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EVE/NET™ Remotes Eventide Orville™ Harmonizer® and DSP7000 Ultra-Harmonizer® Brand Effect Processors

Eventide has introduced a versatile and economical remote control system for its newest effects processor. The EVE/NET system is a local network which links from one to four or more EVE/NET remote control units with one to four or more Eventide Orville Harmonizer brand effect processors.
The EVE/NET box is a compact, full capability remote unit, which provides total control of the Orville processor. It allows simultaneous control of up to eight program parameters utilizing innovative rotary encoders with integral LED circular bar displays which indicate current settings.

The flexibility of the EVE/NET system makes it an ideal choice for multi-room recording, post production and broadcast facilities, as well as live sound venues.

"Eventide Orville users have been asking for a remote control and EVE/NET was developed with their input and assistance." commented Eventide audio sales manager Gerry Griffin. "EVE/NET is flexible, inexpensive, and best of all, there's no learning curve. If you know how to operate an Orville or DSP series Eventide Harmonizer effects processor, you'll instinctively know how to operate the EVE/NET remote."

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