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The Reliability of Purpose-Built Hardware, The Convenience of Network Access
The Eventide VR320 Digital Logging Recorder is designed to perform flawlessly in the most demanding situations. Eventide has combined the reliability and security of stand- alone digital logging recorders with the flexibility and convenience of PC control. No wonder so many emergency call centers turn to Eventide for performance and reliability.
Reliability is Built In

One key to confidence in the VR320 logging recorder is Eventide's complete control over the hardware and software platforms. Other manufacturers make logging recorders out of modified computers and must rely on the care taken by the PC manufacturer for reliable hardware and the quirks of giant operating system software companies for their program's performance. Eventide has a better approach, we build and test every unit shipped. And, since our proprietary software resides in non-volatile chips on our motherboard, a rare event of an internal hard disk failure won't prevent the logger from recording. Furthermore, Eventide's control over upgrades and enhancements gives us the opportunity to offer updates to existing units, insuring that every logging recorder in the field has a long and productive life.*

Network Access Without Network Vulnerability
While the model VR320 logging recorder is designed as an easy-to-use, self-contained unit that can be controlled from the front panel, it can also be accessed over an existing or a dedicated network. A user interface, written by Eventide, resides in the computer and installs and opens like other PC programs. Complete access to all search and play functions is available from the PC, over the network, without being directly linked the internal operation of the logger. Since the VR320 is a self-contained recorder, even inevitable network crashes won't disturb the recording of your valuable archives.

Customize to Fit Your Application and Budget
Choose a single or dual archive drive configuration
9.4 gigabyte DVD-RAM Archive Drive.

The DVD-RAM represents the state-of-the art for archive storage and retrieval. The 1400+ channel-hour capacity makes this medium perfect for storing multiple channels of high volume of traffic on a compact and nearly indestructible fast-access disk.

DDS Cassette Archive Drive
Store up to 1600 hours per DDS-3 or 2650 hours per DDS-4. To ensure that the tape drive mechanism remains dependable, Eventide developed the exclusive SafeDrive™ buffering system. It's designed to minimize the wear and tear of hundreds of starts and stops that typical tape drives undergo.

Choose On-line Storage Capacities
On-line, hard disk storage is an important feature for anyone who needs immediate access to a database of previously recorded voice recordings. Every VR320 comes standard with an 18GB internal hard disk that provides 2500 channel hours of on-line storage capacity. Optional hard disks can be ordered that provide 4900 (36GB) or 10,000 (72GB) hours of on-line storage. Greater capacities (up to 1TB) can be obtained with an optional series MS320 Mass Storage Unit.
Choose Channel Capacity
The model VR320 logging recorders can be configured in 8-channel steps with a 48- channel maximum capacity in a single unit. All models can be easily upgraded in the field making the addition of channels painless and inexpensive. Of course, multiple logging recorders can be "stacked" to provide a virtually unlimited channel configuration that is accessed seamlessly over an existing or dedicated LAN.
Choose Convenient Remote Access
Eventide gives you three different ways to access the VR320 remotely:

Network Access Software
A versatile method of operating and monitoring the VR320 over an existing or dedicated Ethernet LAN. Full access to multiple units by multiple users is available with an array of features that include the ability to grant or deny access (on a channel-by-channel basis) to the internal hard disk, archive drives, or live audio. Various ".wav" file recording options are available that allow the customer to recreate events, edit existing files to remove unwanted audio or noise, and create a comprehensive local library of communications stored in standard PC format. Available alone or as a complete, integrated package.
Easy Intranet/Internet Access
A standard feature in all VR320s shipped after Y2K is the ability to access the logging recorder over an existing Ethernet network. Add the logger to your existing network by using the front panel controls to enter a TCP/IP address. Click here for installation instructions and to download the required plugins. Then access the logger using either the Netscape or Internet Explorer web browser by "book marking" the TCP/IP address the same way you would type a URL address of your favorite web site.
PC Remote Software
Eventide's remote access software controls the logger using an RS232/RS485 interface. The software may be used to recreate events by compiling .wav files, monitor live or archived communications through the computer sound card, and optionally call the logging recorder from any touch-tone telephone. Available alone or as a complete, integrated PC package.
Call Records Database
Standard in all VR320 units, the Call Records Database can be accessed from the front panel of the logging recorder, from a PC over a network connection, or from a stand- alone PC equipped with ArchiveReview™ software. A call list is automatically compiled with the voice recording. Call data includes time, date, duration, DTMF or CLID data, channel descriptor, and channel number. Custom applications can be accommodated if additional data is needed (such as PIN numbers or other user-identification). To make searching and sorting through communications fast and easy, Eventide stores each record on the hard disk and medium in the order it was received. A few quick clicks and the operator can recreate events, compile comprehensive call records, find specific users, create usage reports, sort, search, play, and edit.
ArchiveReviewTM Software - a new way to play archives
With ArchiveReview, the original archive medium recorded on an Eventide VR320 can be played on a standalone PC that has a SCSI DVD-RAM or DAT drive. Neither a physical connection to the logger nor converting the data to a .wav file is necessary.
Complete access to all archived communications, including the Call Records Database, is available. A simple, intuitive user interface makes ArchiveReview easy-to-use by incorporating familiar controls for play back of up to 24 channels simultaneously and providing multiple rewind and fast-forward speeds. Back and Next buttons also help to sort through the data with ease. The interface windows can be expanded to fill an entire computer screen—ideal for viewing in a public setting such as a courtroom —or minimized to allow simultaneous operation of the computer for other tasks. An optional foot control is available for users who wish to transcribe communications into a word processor while listening to the original archive.

Over 30 Years of Technological Innovation
For over 30 years, Eventide has been committed to research and technological innovation. Thousands of customers around the world in such mission-critical operations as emergency call centers, air traffic control, and financial systems rely on Eventide. For more information on the Eventide VR320 Digital Logging recorder, please call Gordon Moore at 201-641-1200, extension 264 or send e-mail to
*Virtually every Eventide VR320 or VR240 logger can be upgraded to the latest specifications, features, and software version. If you are interested in this service, please contact us with details of your Eventide recorder. Owners of really old Dictaphone 9800 and Eventide VR240 logging recorders may want to take a look at upgrade options for feature and price information.

VR320 Specifications
Archive drive (1 or 2)
Rewriteable DVD-RAM Disk (double-sided)

9.4GB, 1260 channel hour capacity
Data Grade DAT Cassette

DDS-3, 1660+ channel hour capacity

DDS-4, 2650+ channel hour capacity
Number of channels
8, 16, 24, 32, 40, or 48

Maximum on-line storage
15,300 channel hours internal
133,000 channel hours with external hard disk array

Mounting options
19” rack mount or desktop

Hard disk capacity
Standard: 2500 channel hours
Optional: 4900 or 10,000 channel hours
(Frequently changes, call for latest specifications.)
Back up record buffering
Up to full capacity of disk

Instant recall

Normal record buffering
For DVD-RAM drive: 1.2 channel hours
For tape drive: 3 channel hours (exclusive SafeDrive™ buffering employed to extend life of tape drives)

Data stored
Time, date, duration, telephone number (DTMF or CLID), channel descriptor, channel number, optional field

Search on-line and archived data
Remotely: Search call records by time/date, channel number, duration, telephone number (DTMF or CLID), optional code, between two points in time, between specified dates.

Front panel: Commands to view, tag, sort and play the internal call-list; alternatively, search by time/date, next message, channel number, or saved message.

Search times

9.4 DVD-RAM - milliseconds

DDS-3 or DDS-4 DAT - average 35 seconds

Internal hard disk - milliseconds
Playback or live monitor
Mix any combination of 4 channels

Simultaneous record and play

Audio outputs
Internal front panel speaker, external speaker, headphone, line

4 line x 40 character backlit LCD
Soft keys*
4 variable function

Function keys*
Recall, Info, Setup, Drive, Home, and More

Transport control keys**
Record, Play, Rewind, Fast Forward, Stop, Eject

12 keys including Quit and Enter

4 directional control keys

*Backlit when available
**Backlit when active

Channel indicators
48 channel status line on LCD

Individual Drive Status LEDs
Select, Record, Full/Almost Full, Clean, Fault

Audio and Relay

3.5mm jack for alarm/rerecord relay

3.5mm jack for audio line out

¼” jack for headphones

10BASE-T (10 Mbps) twisted Pair
10BASE-2 (10 Mbps) coax
For use with optional label printer, status printer, time synchronization, and PC Remote software control

External SCSI
For optional external hard disk array

¼” phone jack for lineout
¼” phone jack for external speaker

Over an existing or dedicated TCP/IP Ethernet using Eventide Network Access Software.

PC via RS485 link using Eventide PC Remote Software

PC via web browser software and TCP/IP connection
Multi-level password
System or Drive Fault, Tape Almost Full, Tape Full (configurable relays available for remote alarm)
Frequency response
300 to 3400 Hz
Signal to noise ratio
50 dB typical

-60 dB typical

Wow and flutter

Input impedance
10K ohm

Automatic gain control (AGC)
10 milliseconds attack time
100 milliseconds release time

Adjustable VOX
Threshold and Hold Time

Record initiation
VOX, Off-hook, External, Continuous

Sampling rate
8kHz, 8Bit

Selectable: 16, 32, or 64 Kb/sec
2 channels 1200 to 19,200 baud
FCC-approved, internal, selectable beep by channel
T1 and ISDN direct interface option

Self Test, Error Log, History Log, System Monitor
W: 17"/432mm
H: 5.25"/133mm
D: 17.5"/445mm
Unit weight: 31 lbs/14 kg
Shipping weight: 42 lbs/19 kg

1 second
2 seconds per day

External time sync
RS485/RS232 format 0, 1, or 2
IRIG-B (optional)

90V to 130V or 180V to 250V, 47Hz to 63Hz, 260W, optional 48V DC
PC workstation equipped with Eventide remote access software, ArchiveReview software package with or without SCSI drive, label printer, play-only unit, label printer, desktop enclosure, quick-install kit, media, and cleaning tapes.
Larger capacity hard disks, 8-channel hi-fi input board, IRIG-B time code reader input board, T1 input board.
9.4GB Rewriteable DVD-RAM, DDS-3 or DDS-4 tape

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