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New series VSX is the economic range of Wharfedale. It has a double Piezzo tweeter with elliptic dome for the acute medium. Its connector industry is in Jack 6,35mm. Adaptée to all the configurations general public, series VS is astonishing by his report/ratio price quality.

The VS professional loudspeaker family sets a new standard in performance and value. All the components of the VS range are designed and built entirely by Wharfedale Professional in our own production facilities. Superior performance and consistency are maintained through control of all manufacturing processes. Built and designed for reliability and road toughness, the construction of the VS series is light and strong. Trapezoidal enclosure construction assures optimum low frequency performance and smoothness with minimum interference fromstanding waves and box resonances. All Wharfedale Professional speaker systems are designed for maximum efficiency and power handling. Coupled to the Wharfedale Pro elliptical wave guide the combination of these devices gives exceptionally smooth and uniform coverage in both the vertical and horizontal planes.

Most importantly the sound quality of the VS series is open and musical with a remarkable freedom from the grating and grainy distortion found in many systems using piezo tweeters.Amplifiers represent a significant investment in the sound system. Speakers with low efficiency return less of the power input as sound output. At Wharfedale Pro we strive to make our speaker systems as efficient as possible to give you a better return on your investment in amplification. The high efficiency of the VS range speaker systems gives greater sound pressure levels from any power amplifier, yielding superior headroom, sound quality and the added bonus of long term reliability.

- Power: 300 Watts programs under 8 ohms/150 W RMS.
- Impedance: 8 OHM
- Sensitivity: 98 dB (1W/1m), level SPL maximum 125 dB.
- 1 Loudspeaker of 15".
- Tweeter doubles piezzo.
- Frequency of answer: 50hz with 20khz.
- Weight: 16 kg.
- Dimensions: 624 X 463 X 350 mm.

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Naša cijena: 990,00 kn
Bez PDV-a: 792,00 kn