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Range EVPS has become for 2 years the reference in the field of wiring for sound. Its professional equipment intends it for sets of average power requiring at the same time a powerful and dynamic sound. The doubled connector industry Speakon and Jack 6,35mm gives to series EVPS a versatility out of the commun run.

The Wharfedale Professional EVP-P series loudspeaker systems are the latest evolution of our highly successful EVP-S family. The new EVP-P powered loudspeakers incorporate a 200w(RMS)/320w(Peak) power amplifier as well as a built-in two channel mixer with microphone inputs. Featuring extreme protection at both the HF Driver and amplifier stage, the EVP-P Series can be played at maximum levels over long periods without fear of system failure.

Both microphone and line inputs on the mixer feature independent level controls. The Hi/Low EQ control in the output section allows the user to set the system to provide the optimum balanced output. The EVP-P provides a simple to use, single package, sound reinforcement solution that is easy to transport.

Featuring proprietary Wharfedale Pro purpose built parts and fittings (including the amplifier!), the EVP-P series is made for the demanding professional user. High efficiency HF and LF drivers convert more of your valuable amplifier power into audio, and less into heat, giving long term high output with a minimum of power compression. The WP-M44mm driver at the core of the system brings unprecedented levels of sound quality and performance to this product class. High output capability and low distortion with excellent high frequency extension characterize these new drivers. When comparing sound quality and specifications to the competition, the advantages of Wharfedale Pro built and designed components, the real compression driver and our sophisticated crossover can immediately be appreciated.

The enclosure of The EVP-P series is lightweight yet tough enough to withstand the rigors of the road. The trapezoidal low resonance design provides excellent sonic accuracy in the low frequency range. The shape of the full range units allows more compact multiple arrays for higher output and better coverage. A specially selected Road Tough industrial carpet covers the enclosures providing protection and greater safety in stacking and use.

Understanding that sound systems are often asked to perform beyond their original design parameters, we have designed a smooth, progressive dynamic limiter/protection system that is carefully tailored to each model. Overloads are limited and drivers are protected against long term overpower and transient/peak conditions. The PRO-TECH™ system progressively converts excess power to heat and triggers a reduction in power to the HF driver. When the overload condition is removed the system returns seamlessly to normal operation. The amplifier section has DC fault, two second muting at power up, thermal and short circuit protection as well as soft start circuitry to regulate AC current loads.

Wharfedale Professional has a policy of encouraging continuous research & development and spends considerable time and effort looking into competitive markets and products. We are grateful for the input of many professional end users and consultants across the world, in different markets and with different needs. This has greatly assisted us in making the new EVP-P series arguably the best value and performance combination available.

The EVP-15PSB series Sub Bass System offers a solid foundation for full range systems through it's high output level capability and full, but controlled sub bass. The sub bass unit consists of a 300W(RMS)/480W (Peak) integral power amplifier built into a compact portable enclosure. The active crossover filters the full range signal diverting signals above 120Hz back to the full range cabinets. The combined Jack and XLR input connections the EVP-15PSB make this unit a safe and easy to use addition to your set up. To ensure perfect matching to the rest of your system, a level control and 0-180 phase switch are incorporated.

- Power: 800 Watts programs under 4 ohms/400 W RMS.
- Sensitivity: 99 dB (1W/1m), level SPL maximum 126 dB.
- 1 High speaker of 18".
- Frequency of answer: 35hz with 250hz.
- Weight: 52 kg.
- Dimensions: 850 X 672 X 446 mm.

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