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Molded powered sub woofer 15", Amplifier power: 200W RMS, Speaker power: 250W RMS, 500W Program

The Wharfedale Pro LA -15 series is a 15-inch, high-efficiency, constant-directivity portable speaker system. The LA-15, two-way, full-range loudspeaker is designed to meet demanding professional applications requiring both sonic quality and integrity. The LA-15 is especially suited to high quality sound reinforcement applications where its power response and overall performance give exceptional results even in challenging acoustic spaces. Whether applied to a reverberant or “dry” club type acoustic environment The LA-15 integrates successfully with the room for superior sound quality with a minimum of equalization and tuning. The LA series are made up of four cabinets.

LA-15 is a passive full range cabinet
LA-15SB is a passive bass cabinet
LA-15P is a powered full range cabinet
LA-15PB is a powered sub cabinet

The cabinets of the LA-15, LA-15SB, LA-15P and LA-15PB are made of High Density Polyethylene structural foam finished in black. This material gives a lightweight and very robust enclosure that will withstand the rigours of constant live work. Versatility is the key word with the Wharfedale LA-15 Series. The LA-15 Series can be used as the basis for a complete small to medium touring system and provide front of house sound and monitoring as well as a permanent install sound system. The Wharfedale LA-15 Series speakers are characterized by their exceptional fidelity in reproducing both simple and complex acoustic signals with superior intelligibility and integrity. The sonic quality is open and natural, generating a sound and image of exceptional quality.

The Wharfedale Pro LA-15 series has been successfully applied to professional applications in venues as diverse and demanding as classical music and theatrical reinforcement, discotheque, night club, jazz club, places of worship and anywhere requiring high output with exceptional audio quality. The LA-15 series speakers feature a dynamic high frequency driver protection circuit which gives progressive-dynamic limiting for both short term peaks and long term overload conditions.
The sophisticated limiting function works progressively giving smooth sonic performance even when driven beyond the design limits of the system.

The shape of The LA-15 allows the cabinets to lock together in a trapozoid formation or allows the system to be used in a horizontal position as a floor monitor.

The LA-15SB features an internal passive x-over. This enables a signal to be fed into the LA-15SB where it is filtered and then taken to the full range LA-15. The LA-15 and LA-15SB will work with external powered x-overs.

Where significant extension of low frequency output of your system is required, the addition of the LA-15 SUB (SB) will provide well balanced, high output enhancement and power to the overall system. The LA-15PB offers a powered solution with an electronically controlled band pass filter.

The LA-15P features 2 power amps with an internal active crossover with dynamic high frequency driver protection circuit. This enables the cabinet to deliver optimumn performance with all the processing controlled internally.

• Strong construction of acoustically enert, high impact, ‘GiG’ tough acoustic resin
• Proprietary designed, high efficiency, high power Wharfedale Professional drive units.
• Protective grills
• Sophisticated crossover design enables smooth power and frequency response control through crossover region.
• Integral High Frequency Driver Overload protection “PRO-TECH” TM
• High frequency horn coverage can be changed for 60 x 40 or 40 x 60 degree coverage. Simply undo the four screws on the HF horn and rotate 90 degrees.
• Complex Trapezoid design for grouping of cabinets in array
• Integral Easy carry handles
• Integral tripod stand adaptor
• Powered versions available (LA-15P and LA-15PB only)

Molded 15” Subwoofer system,
Amplifier power: 200w/RMS SELF POWERED
Speaker power: 250W RMS, 500W Program
Frequency response: 30-150hz. 98db @ 1w / 1m
SPL Peak: 125 dB
Weight: 33,25Kg
Dimensions: 480x700x380

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