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ESL 2905

The new ESL-2805 and ESL-2905 Electrostatics are Quad’s latest reference loudspeakers and like their predecessors should be regarded amongst the finest loudspeakers in the world today. In areas such as transparency, and lack of colouration, they are without peer. It should be noted that whilst movingcoil loudspeakers are the norm, the physical principles upon which they work are fatally flawed - and not even the latest advances in materials science can address their shortcomings. Quad alone has sought a different path - to push the boundaries of electrostatic technology to the point where our ESLs are closer to the ideal loudspeaker than any other. Quad’s patented panel technology results in   combination of the speed and accuracy only possible from an electrostatic loudspeaker; together with the imaging and soundstaging only possible from a theoretically ideal point source; and the coherence and continuity of a single drive unit. With possibly the lowest distortion of any loudspeaker, the ESL can be enjoyed for hours on end without fatigue; never adding or subtracting from the original recording. Even at low volume levels, they retain the full detail and drama of the music. In short, the Quad ESL technology is unique in its clarity of sound, lack of distortion, lack of interference and continuity of response. The ESL-2805 and ESL-2905 loudspeakers are the absolute pinnacle of that technology. Engineered without compromise, they are destined to become modern classics.

Quad products stand alone in the hi-fi world - renowned for their longevity; quality of build; and consistently high standard of performance. Our awardwinning service department regularly maintains products over 50 years in age. Products which still bring their owners immeasurable pleasure. Quad products are designed with the single aim of reproducing recorded music as accurately as possible. Simplicity of use and elegance of design are purely consequential to the application of sensible engineering principles. We have never sought to design statement pieces or style icons, yet almost every Quad product has become regarded as such.

"I know of no other speaker I'd rather own, regardless of price. I think it's the finest hi-fi purchase you could ever make in terms of performance and value-yes, it's that good. Speaker of the year? Nah. Speaker of the centuries. This one and the last.’'
– Stereophile , Sam Tellig

Although deeply flawed, their cost and convenience advantages are such that the overwhelming majority of loudspeakers in today’s marketplace are moving-coil, and at Quad we manufacture some of the finest examples of this genre. But, as a counsel of perfection, we have to look elsewhere. Electrostatic speakers have long been renowned for their superlative accuracy and clarity in mid-range and upper frequencies but deficiencies in the bass response and indifferent dispersion characteristics have presented difficulties which few manufacturers have satisfactorily overcome. Many hybrids have been attempted over the years which combine moving-coil speakers in the bass with electrostatics handling the upper registers, but these designs have not been successful. An electrostatic speaker is a plastic membrane which is coated with a resistive material and suspended between two perforated metal plates. A polarising voltage of several thousand volts is connected to the membrane which at rest is suspended at an equal distance between the two plates. When an audio signal (also stepped up to a few thousand volts by a matching transformer) is applied to the metal plates, the varying signal across the plates attracts or repels the membrane, and sound is reproduced. Because the membrane is extremely light, and driven across its entire surface, transient response and freedom from overhang is exemplary – quite unlike moving-coil loudspeakers. Of course, if it were as simple as this, there would be many more electrostatic loudspeakers. The challenge has been to produce an electrostatic loudspeaker with extended bass response and a satisfactory dispersion. Virtually none have succeeded. A combination of acoustic problems and extreme difficulties of manufacture has resulted in a bare handful of true full-range electrostatic loudspeakers being available to the audiophile and in this field Quad are pre-eminent.

The ESL-2905 is the larger of the two models - it employs a grand total of six electrostatic panels; the inner two utilising the concentric rings of anodes used to create the point source image. The ESL-2905 has a fifty-percent greater diaphragm  area than its smaller brother. This increase allows for a markedly improved bass response, and greatly enhanced dynamics. The ESL-2905 is therefore a good choice for those in larger rooms, or those seeking more drama on big pieces. However, this speaker doesn’t compromise on detail and subtlety - far from it. After all, it is an electrostatic design and so has considerably less inertia and overhang than any moving-coil loudspeaker. Construction is a combination of tensioned aluminium extrusions coupled to stainless steel support structures, with a piano gloss wooden trim. The substantial base construction is finished with piano gloss side cheeks and high-quality terminations. Internally, the highest quality components are used, including rare c-core transformers and high-grade audiophile capacitors. Three types of protection system are used to ensure the speakers are difficult to damage when over-driven. A rigid three-dimensional structural support system, combined with an overall speaker mass of 41.6kg ensures the maximum transmission of sound energy. This results in the most dynamic and powerful Quad  ESL ever produced.

Full-range Electrostatic loudspeakers 6 panels.
Maximum Power Output:2N/m2 @ 2m
Sensitivity: 86dB/2.83 RMS; 8 Ohms nominal impedance.
Impedance variation: 4-20 ohms
Max. cont. Input Voltage: 10V RMS
Programme Peak: 40V. 32Hz - 21kHz (-6dB) frequency response.
Finish: aluminium black and piano black



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