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The Wharfedale Professional EVP-X series loudspeaker systems are the latest evolution of our highly successful EVP-S family. Built around the development of an exceptional new Elliptical Waveguide Horn coupled with a ferrofluid cooled 44mm titanium compression driver, the high frequency performance and system reliability of this series is unprecedented in this product class. High output capability and low distortion with excellent high frequency extension characterize these new drivers. When comparing sound quality and specifications to the competition, the advantages of Wharfedale Pro built and designed components, the real compression driver and our sophisticated crossover can immediately be heard and appreciated.

The New Elliptical Waveguide Horn: In comparison to a conventional rectangular horn, the Elliptical Wave Guide offers superior control over HF coverage, with reduced distortion, greater output and smoother frequency response. The elliptical shape means that there are no corners or parallel surfaces to distort, diffract or reflect the sound therefore the output is smoother, cleaner and more consistent. Again, due to the elliptical shape, mid to high frequencies are diffused more efficiently. When coupled with a true compression driver, the result is brilliant, natural HF reproduction.

The Wharfedale Professional EVP-X series loudspeakers combine exceptional design and features with outstanding sound quality to provide a choice of sound systems to suit almost any application.

System Protection: The ProTech protection system in the EVP-X progressively converts excess power into heat and triggers a reduction in the power to the HF Driver. When the overload condition is removed, the system returns seamlessly to normal operation.

Sophisticated Crossover Design: Enhancing smooth frequency and power response, the EVP-X features a sophisticated crossover design that uses high voltage capacitors and inductors with massive cores and heavy gauge wire, enabling the crossover network to handle high power without saturating.

Built to last: The EVP-X cabinets are constructed using high grade, low resonance composite wood and covered with a road tough industrial carpet. A heavy duty full length steel grille protects the internal components from damage.

Versatility: Full range cabinets in the EVP-X Series are trapezoidal in shape and therefore easily arrayable. They also feature an alloy stand adaptor in the base of the unit for mounting on tripods orfor use in combination with one of the complimentary sub bass systems.

Ease of use: The EVP-X have the added benefit of signal present and HF protect LED indicators on the front of the loudspeaker - green to show signal present and orange to show the HF bulb is active, making it easy to monitor the system levels.


    * 90 x 60 Elliptical Wave Guide Horn
    * High power handling, high efficiency
    * Protective grilles
    * Integral High Frequency Driver Overload protection PRO-TECH TM
    * Sophisticated crossover design enables smooth power and frequency response control through crossover region
    * Trapezoid shape for arraying cabinets
    * Integral tripod stand adaptor
    * High frequency EQ switch to boost (+3dB) or FLAT output
    * High pass output for mid/high frequency satellite speakers (subwoofers only)
    * Signal present and HF protect LED indicators on full range cabinets

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