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VS 575RG

The new Virtual Scan 575RG combines the 575 W HMI lamp technologies with powerful effects suitable for all kinds of light shows. The brand new body includes many features: 7 rotating gobos and 7 fixed ones, prism, up to 20 colours combinations, shutter, strobe (with adjustable speed), DMX-512 control.
This remarkable projector with extreme versatility offers you great value for money.

Technical data
Power supply: 230V 50Hz or 60Hz (to order)
Power consumption: 800VA at 230V
Lamp: MI 575 W Metal halide discharge lamp.
Colour temperature: 5600K.
Socket: Sfc 10-4,
Life: 750 hours (manufacturers rating).
Colours: 9 dichroic filters with high chromatic yield + white. Variable speed continuous colour wheel rotation to produce Rainbow effect.
Motors: 6 stepper motors + 2 dc motors controlled via internal microprocessor.
Rotating gobos: 7 rotating gobos + clear. Rotating gobo wheel will accept dichroic or metal 30mm diameter gobos.
Fixed gobos: 7 fixed gobos + clear.
Filters: 1 colour temperature correction filter.
Movement: Pan 180°, Tilt 110°.
Prism: 1 x 3 facet rotating prism.
Strobe-shutter: Fast action shutter for beam blackout also provides strobe effect with strobe speed fully adjustable from 1 to 7 flashes per second.
Control system: Standard DMX 512 with digital display and four buttons. 8 control channels. Automatic mode: this function allows groups of four units to operate with an internal sequence.
Cooling: Forced cooling via low noise axial fan.
Housing: Stainless steel with epoxy paint finish.Easy access to lamp and main components. Protection IP 20.
Operating parameters: Projector may be tilted +/- 50° from the horizontal. Maximum ambient temperature 25°C.
Reference norm: CE.

Height: 180 mm (260mm incuding Bracket)
Width: 340mm
Depth: 750mm


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Bez PDV-a: 7302,82 kn