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The R Series mixers from Wharfedale Pro are already known for their rich feature set, solid performance and unbeatable value. Now we introduce to you the R-FX series – the R Series mixer with on board digital effects.

The R Series of mixers from Wharfedale Professional are designed to offer a superior quality audio performance in an easy to use, great value package. The quality of the R Series is such it can be used in a variety of professional applications such as studio, sound reinforcement, field recording and film/video production. Mic and line inputs are provided on balanced XLR and jack connectors for optimum performance with the main stereo outputs on balanced XLRs for better integration with other professional equipment


* 15 preset digital effects including Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Flang

* 4 low noise, high headroom XLR mic Inputs (R1604FX) 

* 8 low noise, high headroom XLR mic Inputs (R2004FX)

* 4 pairs of balanced/unbalanced mono line inputs

* 48V global phantom power

* 3 band EQ in each input channel

* 75Hz, 18dB/octave low cut filter on mic channels

* ALT 3-4 extra stereo bus

* 2 stereo EFX return

* EFX to Main, ALT 3-4 and AUX1 switch

* Balanced inputs and outputs

* Peak and signal LED’s on mono channel

* Two AUX send, Pre and Post fader switch on AUX1

* Separate main mix, control room and headphone outputs

* 2 track inputs with separate level control and assignable to main mix, control room and headphone outputs

* Highly accurate, 10 segment bargraph meters

* High quality 60mm faders

* 19” rack mounting kit included


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