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Tannoy Activ-Assist™ software has been designed by Tannoy to assist users of Reveal and Precision active monitors in setting the DIP switch equalisation features on the amplifier.

These adjustments account for mid, near and close field monitoring distances and varying air loading on the bass driver caused by operating in half, quarter and eighth space environments (sometimes referred to as ‘Baffle Step’ effect). Typically, these environments could be against a wall or on a table or large support surface such as the meter bridge of a console  (half space), in a corner (quarter space) or a worst-case situation such as mounted in a corner on a shelf or table or in a typical outside broadcast mobile vehicle (eighth space). The software requires a typical Windows or MAC notebook, laptop or desktop computer with a standard sound card input / output facility.


The Activ-Assist™ program generates impulse, phase and frequency response data for the monitor using its software based dual-channel FFT analyser and a periodic log-sine-sweep signal fed to the monitor.  This measurement method is immune to the reverberation characteristics of the room in which the measurement is performed and is not affected by ambient noise.

Measuring the sound radiation characteristics of the monitor compared with a built in anechoic free space reference for a particular model, the programme runs through all 2000+ DIP switch combinations to recommend the one that brings the shape of the measured magnitude response closest to the target flat response

The resultant DIP switch configuration is of course a recommendation and should not be regarded as a substitute for a good pair of human ears listening to well recorded male and female vocal. The program may also be used to monitor the effect that any DIP switch setting has on the overall speaker response when setting up the monitors by ear.

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