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DM-3.0/3.0S Tri pack

• Supercardioid pick up pattern to reduce feedback

• Gold plated XLR connector

• Excellent off axis rejection for superior gain before feedback

• Dent resistant spring steel grille combined with rugged zinc alloy body

• Ultra sensitive Neodymium element for high output, low distortion and
clean sound.

• Special shock-mounting allows movement of the mic element and greatly
reduces handling noise

• On/Off Switch (DM3.0S)

Live Stage: Club, House of Worship, Gospel, Corporate Presentation, Karaoke Instruments: Electric guitar, snare, toms, brass, congas, flute Home studio: Vocal and instrumental applications.

The DM3.0 and 3.0S are available either as a single mic, or as a pack of three microphones. The single pack contains one microphone with stand adaptor as well as a 4.5 meter XLR-XLR cable. The pack of microphones is supplied in a hard wearing carry case and contains three microphones with stand adaptors and screws.


The DM3.0 is a dynamic moving coil microphone designed to handle a wide variety of vocal and instrument applications for both live sound and recording. This microphone is also available with an integral on/off switch (DM3.0S). The wide super cardioid polar pattern minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule, resulting in a warm and natural response for nearly every type of voice. The DM3.0 is engineered to handle very high levels of gain without distortion and will provide over 20dB of off axis feedback rejection. Low impedance and balanced output allow interference free performance even with long cable runs. The DM3.0 is built with a solid cast zinc alloy body, steel mesh grille ball and internal pop screen. The special shock mounting allows movement of the mic element and greatly reduces any handling noise.


 Transducer Type  Dynamic
 Frequency Response
50Hz -18KHz
 Polar Pattern
 Output Impedance
-54db (OdB=1V/Pa)
 Off axis rejection
>25dB at125°
 Maximum SPL
3 pin gold plated
 Polarity  Positive voltage on
pin 2 relative to pin 3
of output XLR connector
Zinc alloy


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