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B1X 220BX

(cijena je za uređaj sa uključenim strujnim adapterom)

Clear and solid bass sound thanks to 96 kHz sampling

The sonic frequencies generated by an electric bass are about 40 to 600 Hz, but harmonics go all the way up to the ultrasonic frequency range. The ZOOM B1 offers ultra-high resolution signal processing with 24 bit/96 kHz sampling, rivaling the best rack-mount processors. The dynamic, wide-range bass signal retains its full impact resulting in clear, powerful tone that retains a distinct presence.
ZFX-3 -- the new-generation 32-bit DSP

The heart of any multi-effect device is its processor and decoder section. ZOOM elevates performance to the next level with its newly developed ZFX-3 chip. Its 32-bit architecture means outstanding performance and smooth, detailed signal processing. Fine nuances of fingering and touch come through without any deterioration.
13 different bass amp and stomp box modeling choices

Whether you want the massive sonic push of an all-tube amp, the sweet and mellow tone of a vintage model for melodic phrasing or the sound of a high-power wide-range modern amp, the choice is yours. There are seven bass amp settings that range from Rock and Pop to Fusion and Jazz. Plus, five unique distortion pedal sounds as well as a tube preamp for adding warmth are also available, letting you create exactly the bass sound that you want. Freely adjust the mix between drive sound and original sound to create deep distortion for real punch.
46 dedicated bass effects

Eight modules designed for bass guitar offer a total of 46 effects. A limiter/compressor lets you control peaks and ensure that levels are matched, while the three-band equalizer makes it easy to taylor your sound further. Auto wah is indispensable for playing that funky sound, and the octaver impressively enhances the low range. A defret effect gives you the special tone of a fretless bass. Detune produces a chorus effect with moderate amounts of modulation. Other studio-class effects include a long delay with settings to 5000 ms and a harmonized pitch shifter.
Bass synthesizer

The built-in full-fledged bass synthesizer uses an internal DSP sound source with triggered operation. Select one of three waveform settings (sawtooth, square, PWM) and create deep, punchy bass synth lines.
40 preset patches reproduce the sound of the pros

The unit comes preprogrammed with settings for duplicating well-known amps and stomp boxes, settings that are modeled on the signature sound of famous rock bass players, as well as totally original ZOOM effect sound creations. Right out of the box, you can enjoy professional-quality bass guitar sound. And to store your own creative sounds, a user-defined set will store another 40 patches.
User friendly interface

Editing an effect is as simple as choosing the patch with the selector knob and adjusting the parameter with the value knob. Let your imagination roam without being hampered by complicated controls.
Integrated drum machine with PCM sound sources

Realistic drum sounds derived from PCM sources are arranged in a variety of rhythm patterns for different musical genres. The 40 rhythm variations include the steady 8-beat of Rock and Pop, a funky 16-beat, "Jazzy" 4-beat, and many more choices. Rhythm training on your bass guitar has never been more convenient. A tap key is provided for easy direct tempo input.
Built-in auto-chromatic tuner for bass

The bass guitar tuner can be called up instantly. Mute tuning output offers further convenience. Bright LED indicators make the readout easy to see on a dark stage.
Ultra low noise

A signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB and a noise floor of -98 dBm mean that background noise is virtually eliminated, resulting in clean, transparent sound. ZOOM's proprietary noise reduction technology (ZNR) is also built in, to completely shut out unwanted noise during playing pauses.
Fits in a gig bag

The compact size and weight of the B1 make it ideal for those who want plenty of effects and great performance without having to carry a lot of gear. The reinforced plastic body can withstand the rigors of use on stage and on the road. The stylish looks are also highly functional with the flush surface able to distribute pressure evenly. The unit feels great when you pick it up and equally stable when you use the foot controls. This is the kind of product design that you can get only from an industry leader like ZOOM.
AC/DC allows use just about anywhere

Thanks to its circuit design optimized for low voltage operation, the unit will run for 12 hours continuously on a set of four IEC R6 (size AA) batteries. The AC adaptor (AD-0006) can be plugged in for extended studio work, whereas on stage you never need to worry about AC power.
AC adaptor
Optional foot switch allows remote operation (B1 only)

When you connect the optional foot switch (FS01), you can switch patch banks or perform tap tempo input with your foot.
Foot Switch FS01
Unlatch and normally close type

Expression pedal support adds further versatility

Connecting an optional expression pedal (FP02) lets you adjust volume, wah, or pitch shift in real time. But going beyond conventional pedal functions, you can also adjust the mixing ratio of direct sound and drive sound or freely control the modulation rate or other delay and reverb effect parameters. The B1X model comes with a built-in expression pedal and a PEDAL ASSIGN key that makes it a snap to select the function operated by the pedal.
Expression Pedal FP02
To control effect parameters.
COMP / LILMIT Compressor, Limiter
EFX Auto Wah, Resonace Filter, Octave, Tremolo, Phaser, Ring Mod, Defret, Slow Attack, Pedal Vox
EQ Lo / Mid / Hi
MOD Chorus, Ensemble, Flanger, Step, Mono Pitch, HPS, Vibrato, Pitch Bend, Detune, Delay, Tape Echo
REVERB / DELAY Delay, Tape Echo, Analog Delay, Ping Pong Delay, Hall, Room, Spring

* Manufacturer names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. The names are used only to illustrate sonic characteristics and do not indicate any affiliation with the Zoom Corporation.

B1 / B1X Specifications

●Effect Types : 46 ●Effect Modules : 8 ●Patch Memory : User 40 + Preset 40, Total 80 ●Sampling Frequency : 96kHz ●A/D Conversion : 24bit, 128times over-sampling ●D/A Conversion : 24bit, 128times over-sampling ●Signal Processing: 32bit ●Frequency Response : 20Hz - 40kHz +1.0dB/-4.0dB (with 10kΩ load) ●Display : 2 digit 7 segment LED ● Input : 1/4" phone jack(Rated input level : -20dBm, Input impedance : 470kΩ) ●Output(Line / headphones combined) : 1/4" stereo phone jack(Maximum output level : [LINE]+3dBm, output load impedance 10kΩ or higher / [headphones]20mW + 20mW, into 32 ohms load) ●Control Input (B1 only): Expression pedal, Foot switch ●Power Requirements : AA size(LR6) battery x 4(Optional), or AC adaptor DC9V/300mA / Center minus type(AD-0006 recommended) ●Battery Life : 12 hours(with alkaline batteries) ●Dimensions : B1 = 155(D) x 136(W) x 52(H) mm, B1X = 155(D) x 234(W) x 52(H) mm ●Weight(without batteries) : B1 = 350g, B1X = 600g ●Optional Accessories (B1 only): FP02(Expression pedal), FS01(Foot switch)



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