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Ideal for live sound, meeting rooms, churches, restaurants & bars, outside meetings or any portable sound application. The new SPX powered mixers provide you with everything you need in a compact, powered mixer. Designed for ease of use and quality audio performance, the SPX Series offers many traditional features found in powered mixers along with some additional unique features that will enhance the technical capabilities of your performance. FEATURES: • USB Port for connection of your laptop computer for stereo playback and recording of digital audio to and from both models of the SPX mixers. • Variable TRIM control on each mono channel • Dual low-noise, high output amplifiers • High quality 9 band graphic equalisers for mains and monitors • Amp routing switch assigns power amps to mains or mains-plus-monitors • Massive toroidal transformer for high current output • 3 band shelving equalisation on each mono channel • 2 band shelving equalisation on each stereo channel • High headroom, low noise pre-amps • Super HiZ input channels for instrument level signals • Built in compressor prevents signal clipping • PEAK signal level LED indicator on each mono channel • Separate monitor and effects sends on each input channel • Built-in, 8 preset, 24 bits digital processor • Dual LED bar-graph signal level meters • External effects processing send and return jacks • Mono input group MUTE switch • Stereo line level outputs and stereo power amp inputs Specs: Output Power: SPX613: 300W/4Ohm, 200W/8Ohm @ (1% THD at 1kHz) Frequency Response: 20Hz—20kHZ + 1dB, –3dB@1W output into 8Ω (Speaker Output) 20Hz—30kHZ + 1dB, –3dB@+4dB output into 10kΩ (Main Out, Monitor Out , Effects Out) Total Harmonic Distortion: Less than 0.3%@20Hz–30kHz (Main Out, Monitor Out, Effects Out) Hum & Noise: –58dB residual output noise (Speakers Output) –100dB residual output noise (Main Out, Monitor Out) –90dB (Main Out, Monitor Out) Master Level Control: Nominal level Channel Level Control: Minimum –75dB (Main Out, Monitor Out) Master Level Control: Nominal level Channel Level Control: Minimum –78dB (Effects Out) Master Level Control: Nominal level Channel Level Control: Minimum –74dB (Effects Out) Master Level Control: Nominal level Channel Level Control: Minimum Maximum Voltage Gain: Mic to Main and Monitor Out: 75dB Mic to Effects Out: 90dB Mic to Record Out: 60dB Hi-Z to Main and Monitor Out: 60dB Input Super Hi-Z to Main and Moinitor Out: 40dB Left / Right Line Input to Main and Monitor Out: 24dB Crosstalk @ 1kHz: 70dB adjacent input Input Channel Equalization: (+/-15dB maximum) 3 Band EQ: 2 Band EQ: High Frequency: 12kHz Shelving High Frequency: 10kHz Shelving Mid Frequency: 2.5kHz Shelving Low Frequency: 100Hz Shelving Low Frequency: 80Hz Shelving USB Record: Record Input: –20dBm, 44.1kHz, 16 bit, 172kB/s Record Frequency: 1kHz, Master Out: 0dBm Level Meters: 7 segment LED Bar Graph Meters at Main and Monitor Outputs Graphic Equalizer: 9 bands, Main / Monitor Out (+/–12dB maximum) Channel Peak LED: Illuminates @ 3dB below clipping Phantom Power: +48VDC (balanced mic input) Digital Effects: 8 Preset Effects: VOCAL 1, VOCAL 2, VOCAL 3, ROOM 1, ROOM 2, MEDIUM HALL, LARGE HALL, VOCAL DELAY Protection Circuit: Short circuit, Power switch On / Off mute, DC detection, (Power Amp) Temp (Heat sink Temp >/=90 degrees C Fan Circuit: Stop - low speed (50 degrees C) - high speed (70 degrees C) Foot Switch: Digital Effects Mute on / off EFX Bypass: Digital Effects on / off Power Consumption: SPX613SD: 800W Dimensions (HxWxD): 310 x 526 x 347mm 12.2" x 20.7" x 13.7" Weight: SPX613: 20.5kg / 45.1 lbs. Supplied accessories: AC power cord & owner’s manual 

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