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Masterworks - Custom Snare Drums

Snares - Masterworks Snares

Pearl Masterworks is a completely Custom, totally handmade concept of producing drums. We've assembled an elite group of Pearl master craftsmen in order to manufacture the finest drums the world has ever known. Each drum is a work of art, blending hand craftsmanship with precision state-of-the art technology, all of which is built to the most exacting specifications, one drum at a time. Masterworks drums are as individual as you are, and like no other you have heard or seen before.

Pearl MasterWorks offer you the chance to design a unique drum kit or snare drum of your dreams and the choice is like you've never seen before. You will be able to select from the following to design unique drums, to your exact specification.

Snare drums ;     
Choose the wood : North American aged maple, Scandinavian Birch,
African Mahogany or in any combination of plies
Choose the thickness : 1ply ( maple only ), 4ply, 6 ply, 8 ply or 10 ply
Choose the size : 14" diameter x depth 3" to 14" ; 13" diameter x
depth 3" to 13" ; 12" diameter x depth 3" to 12" ; 10" diameter x depth 7" to 10"
Choose the finish : Bursts, Fades, Metallics, Marbleized, Flakes,
Sparkles, Opaques, grain showing, exotic Artisan Wood outer plies etc.
Choose the plating : Chrome, 24K gold, Black, Satin
Choose the hardware : Strainer or snare wire type, hoop and lug type

The options go on and on.....

Cijena pojedinog snarea definirana je individualnom specifikacijom kupca.

The Designs

Masterworks Snares - Natural Matt Tamo Masterworks Snare - Natural Scarlet Burst Tamo
Masterworks Snare - Ocean Sparkle Masterworks Snares - Piano Black
Masterworks Snares - Purple Marbleized Masterworks Snares - Red Burl Mahogany
Masterworks Snares - Silver Micro Flake Masterworks Snare - Antique White
Masterworks Snare - Carbon Fiber Masterworks Snare - Natural Tamo
Masterworks Snares - Natural Bubinga Masterworks Snares - Natural Burl Mahogany

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