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The Crystal series uses the first generation of our new 'HCWPP' drivers for unbelievable clarity. Simple polymers are formed into complex matrices under high temperatures and pressures to produce something altogether more brilliant. Crystal is a range of six dynamic loudspeakers with an exceptionally clean, refined sound. They combine cutting-edge technology and great value for money. These are something special for the music lover on a budget

Unique ‘HCWPP’ Cone Technology

Our unique ‘HCWPP’ cone technology mixes the superior strength to weight ratio of fibre braid materials such as KELVAR with self–damping properties never previously available in a single, recyclable material. The ‘HCWPP’, Hot Compacted Woven Polypropylene Process, forms a material consisting of aligned polypropylene fibers in a matrix of thermoformed polypropylene. The cone material consists of approximately 80% molecularly aligned fibres in a matrix of 20% polypropylene resulting from melting and cooling the ‘skins’ of the fibres. The cone exhibits high strength, impact resistance, excellent self-damping properties, and yet is lightweight, affordable and recyclable. Four physical properties determine the suitability of HCWPP for use in moving coil loudspeakers cones: Stiffness (expressed as Young’s or flexural modulus), Density, Internal Damping and moisture resistance. The first two determine the speed of bending waves in the diaphragm and hence the frequency at which the cone will suffer breakup resonances. Increasing the bending wave velocity forces the resonant modes higher in frequency. Internal damping determines how effectively such resonances are suppressed when they occur. If inherent damping is sufficiently high, there is no need to apply a dampling layer to the surface of the cone. This saves weight, cost and product variability. Density influences longitudinal sound velocity and determines the thickness of the diaphragm that can be used. The less dense the material, the thicker the cones can be. In test HCWPP has demonstrated its superiority to all comparable products.

Bass2 x 100 mm B/M
Tweeter25 mm tex
Power100 W
Nominal Impedance6 ohm
Sensitivity86 dB
Frequency60-20 k @ -6 dB
Crossover2.5 k
Frequency Fb70 Hz
Dimensions (mm)362 x 149 x 160

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akcija: 437,00 kn

Naša cijena: 58,00 kn
Bez PDV-a: 46,40 kn