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gambit series DS1-MK2

The DS1-MK2 is another leap into the future for the Gambit Series.

The Gambit DS1-MK2 is a compressor / limiter / de-esser, supporting all the features needed in a DVD or CD mastering environment: 96kHz 40bit processing, simultaneous de-essing and limiting spiced with a host of signal processing capabilities.

Features added for the MK2 version are:

  • full band crossover in frequency selective mode (ranging from 41 Hz to 17.7kHz)
  • upward expansion to re-introduce dynamics in previously compressed signals
  • a second completely independent dynamics section working as a final peak/limiter in both modes (frequency selective and full band compressor)
  • an additional gain control ahead of this peak limiter allows to further boost loudness “parallel compression” mode (original and compressed signal mixed) for lowering compression artefacts

Add to this the standard features of the DS1 (MIDI controller and snapshot remote control, touch sensitive knobs, backlit LCD, non-volatile backup memory for up to 3 x 128 snapshots, 24bit I/O), and you have the most comprehensive full band and band selective dynamics tool available for money.

Current DS1 owners can upgrade their units to the MK2 version by replacing the DSP board.

“I am happy to say that my facility Glenn Schick Mastering has released hundreds of CD's mastered with the DS1. I LOVE this unit!”

Glenn Schick,
Glenn Schick Mastering

“Weiss is the best of all the digital compressors I've heard, nothing else comes close sonically.”

Roger Seibel,
SAE Mastering


Audio Processing

  • Fine tuneable (semi-tone) linear-phase frequency crossover for true band selective compression (deessing, de-bumping, bass boosting).
  • Two independent dynamics sections for guaranteed no overs.
  • selectable “Parallel Mode” processing for subtle dynamics treatment.
  • 24bit single-wire hi-speed AES/EBU interfaces for signals up to 96kHz sampling rate.
  • Internal processing at 96kHz, 40bit floating-point.
  • Output 24bit, can be dithered to 16 or 20bit.


  • Graph of transfer curve with stereo input and output meters.
  • Numeric peak hold and over hold.
  • Status display showing sampling frequency, channel status data handling, current workspace and snapshot number and a resetable peak-hold and over-hold per channel
  • Display (activated by touch) showing crossover, timing and transfer curve settings.
  • Two over-LED's with settable number of consecutive over-samples which cause an "over” display combined with an over-hold function


  • 3 x 128 non-volatile snapshots where all parameters are stored
  • A-B workspaces for quick comparison between two settings

Remote Control

  • Supports MIDI, RS-232 and RS-422 protocols
  • Standard MIDI Continuous Controllers for parameter remote control (including overall gain)
  • Snapshot automatization with MIDI Program Change Commands
  • MIDI Dump of Snapshots

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