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The CASTOR power amplifier is based on class D technology and brings a new level of performance in this category. Each mono block unit offers 600 watts of power (at 4 Ohms) with an extremely low output impedance, low noise and distortion and a 50kHz bandwidth. The input level can be set with a 12 position switch. Inputs are selectable between XLR (balanced) and RCA (unbalanced). The two Castor units in a stereo system can be linked such that power can be switched on/off on both units from within a single unit. The power supply is analog with ample power capacity. Care has been taken to keep the signal path as short as possible, avoiding any unnecessary active or passive elements.

Technical Details:

Inputs: One XLR input (balanced) and one RCA input (unbalanced). The active input is selected with a toggle switch.

Input Gain: Set with a 12 position rotary switch between 0 and -22dB in 2dB steps.

Outputs: Two pairs of WBT connectors suited for bi-wiring speakers. The connectors are fully isolated for safety reasons.

Power Supply: A powerful non-switching power supply is used. Storage capacitors are audiophile slit-foil types. The mains voltage can be set to 100..120V or 200..240V. Standby power is a mere 2 Watts. Because of the class D design the wasted power is extremely low. Depending on the output power level, an efficiency of more than 90% is achieved.

Mechanical Design: The CASTOR employs a twin metal frame. The inner chassis is made of steel for effective shielding against electrostatic and electromagnetic radiation. The outer frame is individually made to our exacting standards from massive anodized aluminium for additional shielding, heat convection - and of course stunning looks.

Frontpanel controls: One power switch with corresponding LED.

Backpanel elements: Analog inputs on XLR and RCA connectors with input level range switch. Analog outputs on two pairs of WBT connectors. Power link connector, allowing for connecting two amplifiers for simultaneous on/off switching from within a single unit. Input selection switch. Input gain switch. Mains connector with fuses and voltage selector.

Technical Data:

  • Total Harmonic Distortion up to 400W: <0.02%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion up to 600W: <0.1%
  • Total Harmonic Distortion is frequency independent
  • Output Noise: 125dB below full scale, unweighted
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz…50kHz +0/-3dB load independent
  • Output Impedance: 20mOhm at f <= 1kHz
  • Output Power: 600Watt at 4 Ohm / 300Watt at 8 Ohm

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