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Pearl’s ICON rack system has been the choice of professionals for years and is famous for it’s rugged durability and the ability to evolve and adapt to any size kit. The DR501C features an extra long curved front rack that allows your tom and cymbal placement to flow around you.

Pearl’s new DR-501C ICON drum rack features a curved bar that lets your drums and cymbals flow around you for easy reach and greater speed. Like all ICON racks, the DR-501C features height adjustable square bars for 100% slip-proof performance and large T-style feet for rock solid stability. The DR-501C comes with a pair of newly designed die cast PCX-100 Pipe Clamps that fit to the rack like a glove for absolutely no play plus the jaws are adjustable to fit a variety of tubing sizes. The optional PCX-200 Pipe Clamp features a swivel jaw for added versatility. In addition, the DR-501C includes two PCL-100 clamps that fit atop the legs for mounting cymbal holders or additional toms.

Features & Benefits:
Our new DR-501CE Curved Extension or existing DR-501 Straight Extension bars can be mixed and matched to the DR-501C to accommodate larger set-ups.

The DR-501C and 501CE bars have 45” of usable space between the end clamps for extra elbowroom. The DR-501C features a new clip-on logo plate that allows versatile positioning of the logo anywhere along the rack bar.


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