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HDMI 1.3 Silver Plus 10 m


The Chord HDMI Silver Plus 1.3 is the latest version of Chord's original and award-winning HDMI Silver Plus. Like its predecessor, the 1.3 version has been awarded Best HDMI Cable in the What Hi-fi 2007 Awards. The HDMI Silver Plus 1.3 uses the same design principles applied to the original HDMI Silver Plus. The conductors are silver-plated oxygen free copper and whilst revising the cable to meet 1.3 specification, we also took the decision to increase the diameter of the conductors and at the same time improve the signal shielding. These revisions improve picture transfer and we can now offer the HDMI Silver Plus 1.3 in lengths of up to 40 metres! Contrast is improved and interference levels are reduced.
Lengths of 15 metres or more are fitted with an in-line signal amplifier. This guarantees that the longer runs of cable will meet 1.3 specifications and transfer a 1080p signal.
The improvements brought about by fitting an HDMI Silver Plus 1.3 to a screen or projector are easy to notice, even when using relatively short lengths. Over longer lengths however it becomes very apparent just how well the cable performs when compared to other HDMI cables. Any home cinema system requiring a long HDMI cable to connect a projector will really benefit from using the HDMI Silver Plus 1.3.
The HDMI Silver Plus 1.3 is available fitted with high quality gold-plated HDMI plugs. High performance DVI and MI adaptors are available.

The Chord HDMI Silver Plus 1.3 is fitted with a red HDMI plug at one end and a grey plug at the other end. When fitting this cable to your system it should be installed so that the red plug is at the source and the grey plug is at the screen.

Heavy gauge silver-plated oxygen free copper signal conductors
Dual foil shielding system
High quality gold-plated signal area HDMI plug
1.3 specification
1080p signal transmission up to 40 metres

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