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TCT – A Range of High Performance Valve Guitar Amps

A comprehensive range of professional quality valve amplifiers and speaker cabinets catering to a very broad spectrum of classic and modern electric guitar sounds making these amplifiers a “must have” product for any discerning guitarist.

The TCT series of Wharfedale valve guitar amps feature twin footswitchable channels, valve preamp and poweramp, “spring sounding” digital reverb, series FX loop, output power reduction switch and output phase switch  and master volume. Each channel has a full complement of controls for Gain, extra Drive, Treble, Middle, Bass EQ, and Volume.

Both channels can go from clean through to scream, each with their own distinctive voicing.  Channel A has the EQ before the gain stages for west-coast style blues and fusion styles.  Channel B has the EQ post the gain stages for classic british rock and metal styles.

The power amp is controlled by a 2 position “Feedback loop” switch which completely changes the power delivery of the amplifier from well defined and controlled to big, open and raw.  The character of the amplifier can be further modified with an Edge control (presence), and Deep (resonance) control (Deep not fitted to TCT35).

The classy good looks come from all Wharfedale proprietary cabinet hardware, plywood construction, and the red lacquered Cat’s Eye Maple capped front baffle board, giving a unique “boutique” style to the cosmetics – Looks as good as it Sounds!

dynamics (presence), but also the depth of the speaker inter-reaction, the amount of feedback for a tighter or looser sound, power level switching, and also output phase for guitar/room acoustic response (this feature is also invaluable when using multi amp set-ups).

A sweet sounding Digital Reverb circuit and series FX loop complete the sonic capabilities of these products.

All our transformers are designed and built by ourselves, the output transformers are built on Z-11 laminations. Z-11 is one of the best High Grade lamination materials, and is used for superior sound quality, being on par to custom made "boutique" transformers.

100 watt valve amplifier head with 2 foot switchable channels.

  • 100-Watt valve head
  • Valve compliment: 5 x ECC83 (12AX7s) in preamp, 4 x EL34s in power amp
  • 2 independent, footswitchable channels - 1 x Pre EQ, 1 x Post EQ, + channel MIX mode, either channel can be used for clean, crunch or lead sounds
  • Each channel has Gain, Drive, Treble, Middle, Bass, Volume controls
  • Each channel has Tight, Smooth, Mid Shift pushbuttons
  • Master section has Power amp Edge (presence) and Depth (resonance) controls + Feedback pushswitch for tight or loose output coupling.
  • Master Reverb Mix, Master Output Level control
  • Studio quality, footswitchable Digital Reverb with level control
  • Series FX loop with Bypass and level switches
  • 100/33% Power reduction switch
  • Output Phase switch
  • 3-way, 3-LED footswitch for channel A/B, channel MIX, Reverb On/Off

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