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HELIXBOARD 18 Universal

6-Mic/Line 4-Stereo 2-Group Mixer with USB 2.0/FireWire Interface

The Helix Board 18 Universal is part of the new generation of USB / FireWire mixers from Phonic. The Universal mixer features a FireWire and USB interface that can individually stream up to 16 independent channels of audio to the computer and return two tracks for monitoring, all at screaming fast transfer rates of up to 24-bit/96 kHz with a zero latency. Pre/post switches on each input channel ensure users can adjust the outgoing USB/FireWire signal between a pre fader and post fader signal with the utmost of ease. An onboard 32/40-bit digital multi-effect processor provides 100 popular programs, tap-delay, test tones (pink noise, 1 kHz, etc) and foot switch jacks. There are 8 extremely low noise Mic preamps, each with phantom power, spread across six mono Mic/Line channels with 75 Hz low cut filters, and four stereo Line channels. Each Mic channel has a 3-band EQ (six with swept mid), and two stereo channels have a 4-band EQ. A 10-band system graphic equalizer can be assigned to Main Outs or AUX 1. Stereo RCA inputs and outputs make the addition of digital and analog playback and recording devices effortless. Additional features include three AUX sends, two stereo AUX returns, input and output solo, two true subgroups and a rack mounting kit. Steinberg Cubase LE digital audio workstation software included.


    * Pre/post setting for swapping USB 2.0/FireWire input channels sent to computer from pre-low cut, -EQ to post-EQ, post-fader
    * 18-input small-format analog mixer with extremely low noise circuitry
    * 96kHz USB 2.0/FireWire interface for streaming 16 independent channels of audio to computer with near-zero latency
    * 2 channels of monitoring from computer via USB 2.0 / FireWire interface, can be assigned to control room monitors, Main mix and AUX 1
    * Channel 15/16 routed to computer can be selected from main mix, group 1/2 and AUX 2/3
    * DFX, our 32/40-bit high definition algorithm digital multi-effect processor with 100 programs plus tap delay, foot switch jacks and volume controls for sending processed signal to AUX send 1 & 2
    * Six Mic/Line channels with inserts
    * 8 extremely low noise mic preamps
    * Four stereo Line channels
    * 3-band EQ with swept mid-range
    * 75 Hz low-cut filter on mono channels
    * Three AUX sends, one with Pre/Post switch
    * Two stereo AUX returns, one with effect to monitor level control
    * +48V phantom power on Mic channels
    * Solo feature on each input and output
    * Two true subgroups with Main L and R routing switches
    * Built-in switching power supply with universal connector, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
    * Rack-mounting kit included
    * S/PDIF digital audio output
    * Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows XP, Vista & 7
    * Steinberg Cubase LE software included

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