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RME Remote Control

The optional addition for the Fireface UFX and the ADI-8 QS provides a solid metal case with a main encoder dial and two push buttons. The Remote Control connects to the Fireface UFX and the ADI-8 QS via a 5 m (16 ft.) cable and a special connector on the back of both units.

Features Fireface UFX
The Remote Control is the perfect partner for the Fireface UFX. The unit allows to control the most important monitoring functions:

- Volume control of the main output and both headphone outputs (switchable)
- DIM (user adjustable value)
- Recall and store of a reference level for the main outputs (user adjustable value)
- Left button (Prog) is programmable and can control functions like Talkback, Speaker B, mono etc.


Features ADI-8 QS
The Remote Control replaces the old RME Remote Control for the ADI-8 QS. The functions of the ADI-8 QS stay unchanged (volume, store, recall).



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