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The SL 1224 mixer is a studio/live mixing console with built-in full duplex USB interfacing.  Designed to cater for a wide range of mid format mixing duties, the SL 1224 includes many features suited to both live sound and home studio applications. 
A high quality class-compliant 2-input 2-output 16-bit/48kHz USB interface features on all models, with a flexible record bus and dedicated return channel that is great for live and home recording. 
Studio grade microphone preamps are used throughout and have balanced XLR inputs, with all channels also offering balanced/unbalanced TRS line level connectivity. In addition all of the mono channels have a TRS insert point.
An ultra musical 3-band EQ is available on all channels, with an additional high pass filter on the mono channels. A built in FX processor with 16 presets gives you unlimited creative potential and is supplemented by a dedicated FX send and auxiliaries. 


THD+N  <0.025% @ + 14dBu ±0.5dBu
Maximum Input Level  Mic +4dBu ±1dBu; Channel Line +21dBu ±1dBu; Stereo Line +21dBu ±1dBu; AUX Return In +21dBu ±1dBu
AC Power Options  AC100V-240V~ 50/60Hz
Dimensions (HxWxD)  80mm x 400mm x 475mm / 3.15" x 15.7" x 18.7"
Weight  6.85kg / 15.10lbs
MONO INPUT CHANNEL GAIN 50dB Variable MIC (0~ -50dB) Line (-20dB~ +30dB)
LEVEL METERS 12 Segment LEDx2 (Output of +4dBu = 0dBu) Main L/R
Input Channel EQ High (±10dB) ±1.5dB 12kHz Shelving; Mid (±10dB) ±1.5dB 1kHz Shelving; Low (±10dB) ±1.5dB 80Hz Shelving
Maximum Balanced Output Main XLR Balanced Out +26.5dBu ±1dBu
Level (1%T.H.D. at 1KHz ) Main ?" Jack Balanced Out +26.5dBu ±1dBu
Maximum Unbalanced Main XLR Unbalanced Out +21dBu ±1dBu
Output Level (1%T.H.D. at1KHz ) Main ?" Jack Unbalanced Out +21dBu ±1dBu
Hum and Noise 20Hz-20KHz -127dBu ±5dBu Mic Pre Equivalent Input Noise
(150R) -85dBu ±5dBu Residual Noise
S/N 78dB ±5dB @ Fader Max
FFT -62dBv ±5dBv @ Gain Fader Max
CMRR 62dB ±5dB @ 1KHz
Impedances Mic: Balanced 6KΩ, Unbalanced 3KΩ ±200Ω; Line: Balanced 44KΩ, Unbalanced 22KΩ ±2KΩ; AUX Return: Balanced 20KΩ, Unbalanced 10KΩ ±2KΩ; All Other Unbalanced Outputs: 100Ω; Balanced Outputs: 50ohms
Effect Out 16x Effects: (1)Hall1 (2)Hall2 (3)Room1 (4)Room2 (5)Room3(6)Platereverb1 (7)Platereverb2 (8)Platereverb3 (9)Chorus(10)Flange (11)Delay1 (12)Delay2 (13)Chorus/Room1(14)Chorus/Room2 (15)Bypass (16)Rotaryspeaker

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