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VR C-1


The Vardus offers serious sound pressure levels from even small amplifiers or systems and are capable of producing 90db at a distance of 1 meter for 1 watt of music power. Combine this with total tonal matching and you have the recipe for a highly competitive AV system.
Damping and extended voice-coil: Completely controlled even under extreme dynamics, the advanced voice coils allow the cone to travel to the full 24mm maximum excursion with a linear pistonic motion.

High frequency tweeter: Capable of scaling up to 24 KHz within 3db of mean these improvements in stereo image are pronounced and create extremely impressive soundstage and dispersion. Many loudspeakers are directional in nature, the listening position or “sweetspot” is very small and the slightest movements result in a change to the perceived sound, not with the Vardus. The disperse nature of high frequency sounds give a very consistent image across a very wide sound field. This benefit is even more so when used as part of an AV multi-channel system.

Bass 4
Tweeter 25mmTEX
Nominal Impedance 6ohms
Dimensions 148 x 385 x 130
Freq Range at -6 dB 80 - 20 khz
SPL 1W @ 1M 89dB
Recommend Amp 10 - 100W

Naša cijena: 699,00 kn
Bez PDV-a: 559,20 kn