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Wharfedale is proud to introduce its new range of active subwoofers WH-S8 and WH-S10 to
complement its subwoofer series. These active subwoofers have impressive, newly developed
8-inch (WH-S8) and 10-inch (WH-S10) long throw bass drivers of astounding bass impact. The
two subwoofers have been designed with subtle differences to match different tastes yet share the
promise of performance and pleasure.
Elegant and compact, the WH-S8 and WH-S10 active subwoofers exude not only modern
aesthetics but also boast an excellent performance capability. The WH-S8 features an Active
Reflex subwoofer system in a vented box, allowing it to pack speed, punch and excellent low
frequency extension. The WH-S10 features an Active Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer system in a
sealed box, hence providing fast, accurate and intensive bass response. WH-S10 employs a
custom designed Class-D balanced drive power amplifier, which provides power and dynamics
unheard of in products of comparable price level.

Model WH-S8 WH-S10
General Description
Active Reflex subwoofer system
Active Dynamic-Drive IB subwoofer system
Design philosophy and core technology
1 x (8")200mm cone long-throw
1 x (10")250mm cone long-throw
Enclosure type vented box closed box
Transducer complement 200mm long throw bass driver 250mm long throw bass driver
Input sensitivity 200mv for maximum output 200mv for maximum output
Amplifier Power Output 70W 200W
Peak Power Output 150W 450W
Peak SPL 110dB 115dB
Frequency response (+/-3dB) 30Hz ~ 200Hz 35Hz ~ 120Hz
Bass extension (-6dB) 30Hz 30Hz
Crossover frequency 40Hz ~ 150Hz 40Hz ~ 150Hz
Signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) .86dB .85dB
Cabinet volume 13.8L 13.8L
Dimensions (mm) 330 x 268 x 327 (mm) 394 x 333 x 397 (mm)

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