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After many poor imitations of our now industry standard design, sE went back to the drawing board to produce what many budget conscious customers have so desired... an entry level Reflexion Filter product which actually does the job properly! Due to patents on our original design, competitors who have tried to emulate the success of the original RF Pro have not managed to do so successfully since their designs are limited, and as a result, so are their performances. If you wish to know more about our 'multi-layer technology' and why the sE Reflexion Filter series works and other brands of 'portable vocal booths' don't, watch this video featuring sE Electronics' James Ishmaev-Young:

The Project Studio RF or 'Baby Reflexion Filter' uses the same basic design as the Pro version, and while it can never be fully as effective as its more expensive big brother, it easily out performs copies and for project studio use is just the job. The metal frame is lined with the same patented polyester fibreboard as the Pro version uses for its outer layer. This material has extremely good acoustic absorption properties; much better than simple foam products. This is then further lined with a high density 'crystal' foam with curved undulations rather the cheaper and less effective ribbed, medium density foams that are widely used by other companies.

The result is a product which looks fantastic and 'sounds' even better when recording vocals and acoustic guitars... the Project Studio Reflexion Filter is not a Reflexion Filter Pro, or strictly a 'baby reflexion filter' as it is approximately the same size as the RF Pro but it is the second best reflection filter portable vocal booth on the market.

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