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RFP-924XFP/C #377


We start the process by choosing thinner plies of prized Maple, hand selected Birch and rare African Mahogany.
While Reference drums use a rotating combination of both 1.6mm and .9mm wood plies in its shell construction, the all new
Reference Pure uses only .9mm thick plies in its construction.
The result is a thin, resonant, extremely vibrant yet powerful near-field experience for the player
with the wonderful accentuation effects of Birch and African Mahogany placed exactly where they are needed most.

To maintain maximum resonance, Pearl's Reference Pure features our super low-mass elegantly designed
STL Tube Lugs and our all new thin
Fat Tone Hoops with our exclusive hemmed and welded edge resulting in a hoop that is both
lightweight and extremely strong to further promote maximum resonance.

For those looking for a thin shell alternative to our legendary Reference Series drums, your wait is over.

Reference Pure. Pure Tone. Pure Resonance. Pure Perfection.

• "Best of Masterworks" Shell Material
• Low Mass Even-Ply Shells
• STL Bridge LugsSTL Bridge Lugs w/ Swivel Function w/ Swivel Function
• Fat Tone HoopsFat Tone Hoops
• LB-200 Bridge FT Leg Brackets
• LG-200 Floor Tom Legs
• SP-300 Spurs
• Aluminum OptiMountOptimount Tom Holders
• Stainless Steel Tension Rods
• Molded Rubber Gaskets
• Remo Clear Emperor Tom Batters
• Remo Clear Powerstroke3 BD Batter
• Remo "Window" Snare Batter Head
• Super High Gloss Lacquer/Lacquer Sparkles/Ultra-Exotic Covering

Optimized Shell Composition

Shell Comp Graph
Reference Pure Series drums use a combination of task specific bearing edges and 3 time proven woods:  Birch, Maple, and African Mahogany. Using Maple as a sole material has long been the traditional choice for shells and for good reason. Maple provides smooth, well balanced tone that is perfect for a 12" tom. Subsequently, all Reference Series 12" toms are composed of 6 thin plies of Maple. The only single wood shell in the series. Our 10" and 8" toms receive 4 thin plies of Maple with 2 inner thin plies of Birch for cut and attack. And for maximum response, all 13" and smaller toms have a rounded 45° bearing edge.

Beginning with our 13" tom and larger, Mahogany is added to the inner plies to increase the lower frequencies and accentuate the warmth of the Maple. The 14" toms and larger begin using our fully rounded bearing edge for even more shell contact. Our 18" and 20" bass drums use 4 inner thin plies of Mahogany with 2 outer thin plies of Maple. As the size of the bass drums increase, so does the amount of Mahogany. Our 22" and 24" bass drums incorporate an amazing 6 inner thin plies of Mahogany surrounded by 2 outer thin plies of Maple for the ultimate in solid responsive bass frequencies.

With Reference Series, it's not about compromise; it's about every drum in your kit performing at its optimal capacity.

Lug Design
Reference PURE features STL swivel tube lugs with minimal contact and super low-mass that allows the drums to vibrate freely for ultimate resonance. Unlike standard tube lugs that often bind when tension rods are misaligned causing the drum to choke, STL Lugs feature a swivel nut that keeps the tension rods perfectly aligned and free for absolutely no binding for PURE TONE with accurate and precise tuning.
Bass Drum Claw HookBass Drum Claw Hook
Our bass drum claws incorporate rubber hoop isolators for scratch prevention on lacquered hoops, provide evenly distributed clamping force for consistent tuning. The key bolts are recessed for snag-free fit in carrying cases and to eliminate accidental detuning.
Floor Tom LegsFloor Tom Leg BracketsAir Suspension Rubber Tips
Air Suspension Rubber TipsFull height adjustment with our built in memory lock keeps floor tom positioning perfectly set. Our patented Air Suspension Rubber Tip allows your floor tom to rest on a cushion of air. These large rubber feet prevents premature sound decay from floor contact. Floor toms never had it so good.
OptimountOptiMount Suspension System
The OptiMount Suspension System provides tom mounting with zero shell contact for ultimate resonance. By attaching to the tension bolts via isolated rubber bushings the shell is allow to float which in turn allows it to sing to its fullest capabilities.
Fat Tone HoopsFat Tone Hoop
Pure features Pearl's new 1.6mm Fat Tone Hoops that combine low-mass for incredible resonance with our exclusive hemmed and welded edge that adds amazing strength and rigidity at the point of contact for tremendous rim shots and cross sticking.
Bass Drum SpurBass Drum Spur
Our telescoping spurs feature rubber or spike tips for maximum traction control. The high-grip rubber tip can be retracted to allow a recessed spike to be exposed for maximum “bite” on carpeted surfaces.
Tension RodsStainless Steel Tension Bolts
Pearl’s stainless steel tension rods are machined from a single piece of stainless steel to the most exacting tolerances in the industry. They feature super smooth and precise tensioning with absolutely no play. Each is matched with a precision-machined brass swivel nut for ultra-precise performance.

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