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Focus 218s


With the Wharfedale Pro Focus 218S point-source array system you now have a solution that provides not just exceptional quality sound but also a flexible cabinet and hardware configuration enabling you to meet the requirements of a wide variety of venues. Focus’s easy adaptability make it perfect for portable rentals, touring and fixed stage.

Sonic Impact
The Focus 218S sub puts out an impressive 146dB peak SPL of pounding bass with a maximum power handing capacity of 8000 watts peak. Need more? Just double up! The Focus V-Tech side-by-side driver placement maximizes mutual coupling and boundary-effect reinforcement to move massive amounts of air and push the beat to the soul of your audience. Focus tops and subs are superbly engineered to work together seamlessly and provide maximum efficiency.

Meets your needs
Focus hardware allows you to fly in a line-array configuration, fly independently and in pairs or stack PA’s on top of subs. Focus adapts perfectly to whatever challenges your venue presents you with!


Configuration Subwoofer
Frequency Response 25-800Hz
Power (RMS / Program / Peak) Parallel: 2000W/4000W/8000W Discrete: 1000W/2000W/ 4000W
Impedance Parallel: 4Ω / Discrete: 2 x 8Ω
Max SPL 146dB
Low Frequency Transducer 2 x 18"
Pole Mount M20 screw-on pole
Wheels 2
Input 2 x Speakon
Net Weight 86.5kg / 190.3lbs
Gross Weight 98kg / 215.6lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 540mm x 880mm x 900mm

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