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24-tracks of uncompressed 16/20/24-bit recording and playback at 44.1/48/96kHz for absolute audio quality and a 44-channel automated digital mixer with professional, long throw (100mm) touch sensitive motorised faders. The multi-function rotary encoders above the faders have a collar of LEDs around them so that you can see at a glance what their values are while the large LCD gives precise feedback about how your track is shaping up with a graphic representation of audio cues on a scrolling track sheet. Detailed audio editing with waveform display and 256 levels of undo/redo offers copy, cut, paste, insert, move, etc., to perfect your recordings while the DSP functions include stereo timestretch, pitch shift, BPM match and others. Move around your masterpiece with ease using the DPS24's advanced autolocator that provides up to 100 nameable locate positions per project or fast forward/rewind with 'tape chatter' for a familiar tape-like response.

Things like MAIN, NEARFIELD and MONO monitoring switchable from the front panel for reference checking a mix, a 2-channel talkback system with a built-in console mic, four configurable mono or stereo effects/aux sends that can either feed the internal 4-channel effects processor or external outboard effects (or, indeed, any combination), balanced XLRs and balanced TRS jacks on all inputs that allow 24 sound sources to remain connected to the DPS24 without re-patching, balanced insert points that also double as direct ADC inputs for use with external pre-amps of your preference, a stereo auxilliary input for use with sub-mixers and more...


24-track digital recorder
16/20/24bit uncompressed recording
32/44.1/48/88.2/96kHz sampling rates
44-channel, 20 bus digital mixer with 8 subgroups and 4 stereo effects returns
100mm motorized Q-Touch™ touch-sensitive faders controlling 5 fader banks
Built-in dynamic and scene automation
Q-Link™ Navigation
Q-Channel™ multi-function channel strip
USB port for ak.Sys. Control & Networking Software with TrackView display
8 channel digital I/O plus 16 channel expansion option with ADAT™ sync
Footswitch port supports ADAT™ LRC remote
Built-in 5.25 drive bay with CDR support
30 GB internal IDE HD
Timestretch, Pitch Shift, and BPM matching, Reverse and Normalize
28 analog inputs (12 x XLR combo)
Dynamics processor for each mixer channel including L/R master
Balanced inserts on inputs 1-4 allow direct ADC connection for external Mic Preamps
Talkback mic enables uninterrupted headphone / studio monitoring
ASCII keyboard input for track / project naming
5.1 Surround Mixing
High impedance guitar input on front panel
Stereo TrackView in edit mode plus channel linking
Wordclock standard
Supports MIDI clock, MTC and with optional SMPTE LTC
56 bit / 4 bus effects processor with real time vocal pitch corrector
Effects library stores custom effects parameters for instant recall
3 expansion slot

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