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Mimic Pro


Superior sound, accurate triggering and connectivity are the most important features of a drum module. Pearl Drums and Steven Slate have joined forces to create “Mimic Pro” - the world’s most advanced percussion sound source for studio and live performance applications.

At the heart of this ground breaking unit is the new Steven Slate 5 drum library that features multi-channel drum samples recorded in world class studios. Each instrument supports adjustment of Attack, Sustain, Release, Tune, Pan and volume. Instead of substituting digital effects to create ambience, these
instruments use the actual ambient recordings with separate adjustment of close, overhead and room mics.

7˝ IPS Touch Screen with Programmable, Dynamic Data Wheel
120 GigaByte solid state drive
16 Dual Zone Inputs
16 Programmable Audio Outputs
Midi In and Out
Superior Burr Brown Converters
Two completely separate mixers for headphone and Main outs. (Drummer gets a personal mix with/without effects independent of Main outputs)
Import Wave, Aiff or MP3 sound files
Compatible with most pads on the market
New Steven Slate Drums 5
24 bit multi channel sample library with separate adjustment of Close, Overhead and Room mics.
Onboard effects include EQ, Compression, Reverb with Room Sizes
Individual Cymbal Volume Adjustments for Bell, Bow, Edge, Chik and Splash
All AUX and Cymbal inputs have choke function.
Supports triple and dual zone cymbals and dual zone hi hat.
SD card slot and USB.
Additional Instruments and Libraries will be available
Stereo Aux In and Onboard Metronome
Internal Recording for Loops and/or Performances


Naša cijena: 20500,00 kn
Bez PDV-a: 16400,00 kn