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Product Description

Small but perfectly formed, the MPC1000 is a welcome addition to a now legendary product line which holds a unique position in the evolution of modern electronic music. Inheriting all the features which make the MPC so recognizable, the MPC1000 is not only a perfect compliment to its larger MPC siblings, but a powerful Music Production Center in its own right.

Established friendly and intuitive user interface of the MPC series

Easy-to use MIDI sequencer/drum sampler offering a great alternative to complex computer-based products

Great feeling, velocity and pressure-sensitive pads for expressive programming

16 levels function giving you one sound on all pads with varies level, tuning, attack, decay, layer, or filter per pad

2 separate effects processors and 1 main out effect processor: all of which can be used simultaneously

4-pole filters (two 2-pole filters) filtering for each of the 32 voices

2 Q-Link sliders for realtime performance control

2 x MIDI In and 2 x MIDI Out

16MB standard, expandable to 128MB

Internal preset sounds in flash

Save/load your sound and sequence data to/from compact flash

Connect the MPC1000 to your computer via USB and drag and drop your files on your desktop

Portable laptop size – ideal for taking your act on the road

Technical Description

Display: 240 x 64 dot graphic LCD w/back light

Memory Card Slot: Compact Flash type 2 (The size of the compact flash card that MPC1000 can handle is from 32MB to 2GB)

Dimension (W x H x D): 330 x 75.5 x 228.2(Max 234.6)

Weight: 3.45kg

Power Requirement: 19W

Sound Generator
Sampling Rate: 44.1kHz

Memory Capacity: 16MB standard (11.5MB for sound memory), expandable to 128MB

Recording Time: 136sec. (16MB, MONO), 24m28sec. (128MB, MONO)

Memory Expansion Slot: 1 x for optional EXM128

Data Format: 16-bit linear

Polyphony: 32

Dynamic Filtering: 2 x 2-pole filter per voice

Filter Type: Low pass, band pass, high pass

Preset Sound Memory: 5MB

Effects: 2 stereo effects and Master effect

Effect Type: Chorus, Flanger, Bit Grunger, 4 band EQ, Compressor, Phase shifter, Tremolo, Flying pan, Reverb

Master Effect: 4 band EQ, Compressor

Number of Programs: 24

Maximum Events: 100000 notes

Resolution: 96 parts per 1/4-note

Sequences: 99

Tracks Per Sequence: 64

MIDI Output Channels: 32 (16 channels x 2 output ports)

Song Mode: 20 songs, 250 steps per song

Drum Pad: 16 (velocity and pressure sensitive)

Drum Pad Banks: 4

Sync Mode: MIDI clock

Record Input (L and R): 1/4-in. stereo phone x 2, balanced -40dBu, input impedance 11k ohms; Max. Input level +10dBu

Digital Input: RCA-pin x 1 S/PDIF

Stereo Output (L and R): 1/4-in. phone x 2 unbalanced +11dBu, output impedance 1k Ohms, Max. output level +17dBu

4 Individual Outputs: 1/4-in. phone x 4 unbalanced +11dBu, output impedance 1k Ohms, Max. output level +17dBu

Phones Output: 1/4-in. stereo phone x 1, 200mW / 100 ohms

Digital Output: RCA-pin x 1 S/PDIF

MIDI Inputs: 5-pin DIN x 2

MIDI Outputs: 5-pin DIN x 2

USB: Slave connector x 1, USB MASS STORAGE CLASS support (You need Windows 2000/Me/XP or later version, or MacOS 9.x/10.x or later version. )

Footswitches: 1/4-in. phone x 2

Standard Accessories: 32MB Compact Flash card, Power cable, Operator's manual

EXM128: 128MB expansion memory card

File Compatibility
MPC2000XL SEQ, ALL, PGM, WAV (When PGM file is loaded, only pad assign is loaded. Other edit parameters are ignored.)
MPC4000: SEQ, ALL, WAV (No compatibility of PGM)
MPC3000: No compatibility
Z4/8: WAV only
S1000/3000: No compatibility

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