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Now, more than ever, Akai Professional products are becoming essential for live performing as well as studio recording.

To augment and complement our range of performance products, we bring you the MFC42, a three channel/dual filter module that can bring a new real-time dimension on stage or in the studio.

The MFC's two filters are true analogue giving that indefinable extra warmth that only analogue circuitry can deliver. Ideal for live and studio work, the MFC42 will appeal to a wide variety of musicians from hip hop and R&B where it will add a rich, deep warm analogue feel to techno, hip hop and new age where you can add big filter sweeps and extreme resonance.

The MFC42 features 1 x stereo and 1x mono channel which can be controlled independently. The stereo channel features 2-pole and 4-pole and the mono channel has 2-pole, 4-pole and 8-pole selectable filters. When you select the 8-pole filter on the mono channel the stereo channel is turned off and bypassed. You can directly select between any one of four filter types: Low pass, High pass, Band pass and Notch independently for both the stereo and mono channels.

The MFC42 also includes a multi-waveform LFO and an Envelope generator; you can select the destination of the LFO (stereo channel or mono), you can select the LFO to modulate cutoff and resonance and you can use it to phase between L and R.

Tapping the Tap Tempo key controls the speed of the LFO. The LFO can also be synchonised to external MIDI clock. A Trigger button triggers the envelope generator which has independent controls for attack, decay, sustain & release. Alternatively the MFC can have it's envelope triggered via incoming MIDI note-ons on a specified MIDI channel.

Effects include distortion with depth control, analogue stereo phaser with speed and depth controls and Master EQ with separate Low & High controls. You can control almost all the knobs and all the keys with MIDI control change data and record the movement of each knob to an external sequencer. And for live performance the stereo input accepts direct connection from a turn table.

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